Dincolo de culoare

Incearca sa vezi dincolo de aparente,dincolo de persoane, dincolo de culoare...

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* Thank you, 2010, for the friends I made, for the friends who stuck with me, for the bitches that backstabbed me, for the people who just walked out of my life, for the people who made me happy, for the people who broke my heart, most of all this is for me. On still being awesome, and will be awesome in 2011.

PS: Va doresc un an plin de bucurii si impliniri! La multi ani!

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Chat Online - Chat Romanesc 8 ianuarie 2011, 13:22  

Foarte interesant ce ai scris mai sus, "folsesti esente tari"

sandritaa08 4 februarie 2011, 12:13  

Daca esti interesat/a organizez un giveaway pe blogul meu. Te astept!


Pandora`s Box 1 iulie 2011, 18:02  

What beautiful pictures. You are very talented. If only I could read Romanian :( If you are interested in perfumes, do visit my 5 day old blog :)

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